Disney making John Carter of Mars?!?!?

Normally, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi movies. There is very little originality in Hollywood, and they normally just take an existing story, rework it to add some more special effects, and generally tear the hell out of the plot, character development, etc… For a perfect example, see I, Robot with Will Smith. I robot is one of the great all time Asimov books, as it explores man’s relationship with the machines that he has created, but Holywood destroyed it. Anyway, I am actually excited to hear about a new movie in the works.That’s right, Disney/Pixar is slated to release a trilogy of movies based on the John Carter of Mars stories. (Download the first few over at my Free Ebooks page, or buy it for your Kindle here: A Princess of Mars) I haven’t heard anything about who might be playing John Carter, but I have heard that Andrew Stanton is set to direct. He’s the guy who gave us Finding Nemo. In any case, I love the nature of John Carter versus the storytelling skills of Burroughs. John Carter is a true swashbuckling hero who never fails to win through adversity to rescue his beloved Dejah Thoris. It’s pure escapism, and I don’t think Hollywood can screw that up too much. Plus I’ll be interested to see what they do with the Green Martians.