Another free ebook from Tor

Tor books, that bastion of science fiction, has a new freebie floating around. If you register at their website, then every month, they will send you a free ebook. Awesome! I love free ebooks, so I was pretty excited to get my first one. It actually came some time ago, and I thought it would be a good idea to add a new feature to the blog. So, I’ll be reviewing the ebooks that Tor sends out.
The cyborgelf was originally supposed to be about “Classic” sci-fi, so why all the new stuff lately, why talk about John Carter movies by Disney, and why review new Tor books? Well, frankly because the new stuff is so good. I love Heinlein, but I can only read him in spurts. I like modern stuff, and most modern authors fell in love with SF&F because of the greats, anyway. Honestly, what modern Fantasy writer isn’t influenced by Tolkien (be that good or bad) and what straight SF’er doesn’t know the Three Laws of Robotics.
In any case, I’ve grown to feel that today’s SF is just as powerful, & certainly as good as anything that ever appeared in Analog magazine. So, I’m going to feel free, from now on, to talk as much about the new guys, as I do about the Masters.
So, in anticipation of the first ever CyborgELF review of a free Tor ebook. We will be reading Brian Francis Slattery’s “Spaceman Blues”.

See ya