Thing From Another World!

Hi all. As everyone who reads this bit of dreck knows, I’m not very disciplined when it comes to posting. Heck, sometimes weeks can go by without a new post from the Cyborgelf (and I know you loyal readers out there are champing at the bit to get a new piece of Sci-Fi wisdom from me). So, for the foreseeable future, one of my good friends & sponsors will be doing some guest posting here at the home of Science Fiction & Fantasy. TFAW, or Things From Another World is a great Sci-Fi/Comic Book shop that really has a great take on pop culture, Science Fiction, Fantasy, etc… In addition to having some really great merchandise, they tend to really know us, their customers and they ahve a knack for giving us what we want. So keep an eye out for future guest posts from them, and visit Things From Another World for a massive selection of Star Wars, Hellboy, Manga, Superheroes and other pop culture favorites.