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I’m back, baby!

The last post on this blog was sometime in 2009.  That’s a long damn time ago.  As a matter of fact, for the past couple of years, the site has been completely broken, and unviewable.  So, I’ve converted it back from Nucleus CMS (which is funny, given this post ), cleaned some things up, removed some of the crap that seemed like a good idea in 2008, and vowed to start writing again.

This blog started out as an attempt to talk seriously about Science  Fiction as Literature.  How the pulp fiction of the past has influenced culture and mores, and how our views of the present and the future are intimately tied up with the science fiction of our past.  Honestly, I failed miserably at that.  And I think now it’s just going to be about how much fun science fiction is.  So, I’m going to jump back in mainly with book and movie reviews, what I’m reading and watching, and what I’m having fun with.